Metro Vancouver’s only hyperlocal weather network has launched

Oct 30, 2023 | News

Backed by Glacier Media’s trusted local news network, Weatherhood is now available to serve accurate weather insights anywhere and anytime.

North America’s largest and Metro Vancouver’s only hyperlocal weather network supports regional municipalities with the most reliable weather data available today.

Weatherhood operates a dense network of meteorological sensors that have been strategically placed across Metro Vancouver and beyond—within one to 10 kilometres of each other to ensure widespread coverage. Over 50 sensors have been strategically placed in neighbourhoods throughout the B.C. region, including along the Sunshine Coast and Whistler.

Using near-real-time data from their hyperlocal network, Weatherhood provides detailed current conditions, highly localized forecasts, severe weather warnings, and any other information British Columbians need to make better decisions for their commute or travel plans.

The Weatherhood app is available for iOS and Android devices. Go to for more information.

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