Real Estate Works (REW) continues to transform the way Canadians engage with real estate

Jan 13, 2022 | Press Release

A brand new adventure.

Real Estate Works (REW) continues to transform the way Canadians engage with real estate. Today the company announced a new logo and brand alongside its new name: Real Estate Works (REW).

The announcement comes with a fresh new look for the REW brand, reflecting the company’s new  mission of building a better real estate experience.  “Real estate isn’t really about property, it’s about real people doing something tough but rewarding,” said Simon Bray, President / REW. “We’ve seen how access to data, listings and top professionals can build people’s confidence and enthusiasm for an otherwise challenging process.  But we also realised that we could be so much more than just a website for the millions of Canadians that visit us each year, we could actually shape the way someone finds their next home and how they feel about it once it’s all said and done.  So we set out to expand the role and mission for REW, we are here to build a better real estate experience.”

While a new adventure is underway at REW, change is nothing new to the company. REW has constantly evolved to serve a changing real estate market, from its beginnings as a real estate print publication to becoming one of the largest online real estate marketplaces in Canada. REW continues to build a more personal real estate marketplace, and the new brand encapsulates the company’s direction – a direction that celebrates the real estate journey.

“At REW we believe real estate — searching-for and securing a home — to be one of life’s greatest adventures,” said Justin R. Melville, VP / REW Experience. “Adventure is, by definition, an exciting but risky and uncertain undertaking that requires a real abundance of courage and fortitude to be successful. In a world where businesses are promising an easy real estate experience, we recognize that nothing worth having comes easily. Something huge, like buying a home, isn’t easy. But, with the right guide you will have the confidence you need to complete the journey. That is precisely what we are building at REW — the ultimate guide on your real estate adventure.”

REW’s new logo, called Lodestar, encapsulates this guide concept. “REW is not the destination,” continued Melville, “we are a guide on the journey. No matter where you are in your own real estate journey, REW is there to help you find a way forward.”

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